About Me

I am a visual artist of film and photography. I work closely with people in circus, dance and experimental performance. I like to focus on the human body and it's relation to rural and urban environments. Contemporary themes and minimalist imagery are a key interest. 

I've been involved on artist projects with SPARK, a residency programme with Legs on the Wall in Sydney. Also Global Project Space a program with Asialink Arts, that took me to Japan to document a performance artist during the Awaji Art Circus Festival.

Usually I collaborate with individual performers and circus schools such as Aerialize, Circus Akimbo, Circus Monoxide and a regular contributor to UNSW and University of Sydney's circus societies. 

Everything leading up to this point is in an effort to continue developing art with performers, however whole heartily will endeavour to go across the world meeting up with new artists to film and photograph with. 

Feel free to contact me for collaborations or prints.

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